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Safety is a top priority for many companies in extraction industry. However, most struggle to reduce workplace injuries. Their greatest challenge is when workers are accidently hit by big construction machines due to human-related errors because the operator in big construction machine or “big yellow iron” (BYI) has an obstructed vision. There are blindspots and limited sightline. The goal is to protect workers on large construction sites, increase safety and ensure that each person is out of danger while performing their tasks.

Another challenge facing the industry is asset tracking. Often there are many active and moving parts happening simultaneously on a busy large construction site with people, machines and objects. It is challenging to track all of them and to know where they are



iotProximity offers the perfect solution to address both your worksite safety problem and asset tracking dilemma.

By merging IoT (internet of things), Edge Cloud Computing, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning Processes, iotProximity is 5G read. It offers a customized sensor fusion solution for big construction machines or “big yellow iron” (BYI). Thus, creating a 360 degrees virtual barrier around them to alert machine operator of possible and imminent danger or collision with people or objects nearby. This digital protection increases workplace safety and reduce injuries or potential fatalities. iotProximity saves lives.

iotProximity has two (2) key tracking capabilities. First, it can track QUANTITATIVELY the number of people, trucks or objects (assets). Secondly, it can track QUALITATIVELY the nature of its’ assets by pinpointing geography and motion. If a worker in a remote area is injured, iotProximity can detect the location and determine if the worker is in distress or have fallen.


iotProximity contains a multifaceted medley of technology systems. Currently there are 4 key technology systems - with fourth is optional. First it consists of five integrated system technology that overlay each other to produce succinct communication, including: BLE, IMU, GPS, Gyroscopic-System, Compass. Multiple sensors are mounted onto each BYI, along with a viewing pad located inside. While a worker carries a transponder that can be easily attached  - either embedded onto a hand-held device or clipped to clothing. Sensor and transponder 'talk' to each other and digitally create 360 degrees virtual safety barrier around hazardous areas. When a potential collision arises, the operators inside the BYI is immediately alerted by audio & visual trigger inside the cab. Detecting potential danger through sensor signals.


Secondly, application of a proprietary visual system that integrates Edge computing, Machine Learning, Smart-cameras and AI (Artificial Intelligence). Subsequently enabling recognition of human form to be detected within the immediate vicinity of BYI. By deploying a digital safety solution, it allows the operator in BYI to focus on performing and fulfilling day-to-day tasks while our patented (pending) technology monitors on screen any hazardous interference posed near the BYI. If any safety intrusion or interference arises, an audio alert and warning light on the display-pad will signal in the cab of potential danger or possible collision. Thus, triggering advance notice for operator to exercise immediate caution with heightened alert. Through its’ patented technology and value, iotProximity is a digitized extension of the operator’s vision; reduce potential collision; and offers virtual monitoring. To reinforce and achieve higher level of worksite safety as an extra layer of security protection.  Additionally, Edge computing allows OFF-SITE monitoring with an acceptable degree of latency so project managers, engineers and C-suite executives can monitor, the site for situational and future planning of these busy projects. "...see more" 

Thirdly, as another optional safety solution, we offer a system that is able

to calculate accurate distance in detecting potential work-site obstruction, LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and RADAR (Radio Detection and Ranging) can be incorporated. This third level of technology is deployed to improve and measure distance accuracy between objects and BYI. This is achieved either through laser signal bounce back or radar radio waves whereby the antenna acts as both radar receiver and transmitter.


Lastly, as another optional service, we offer a system adaptable to “below surface”extraction environment in underground mining, iotProximity offers reliable-awareness technology in the form of Electromagnetism. Unlike GPS, proximity or smart-camera which have limited productivity in an underground work-site, electromagnetic attraction generates greater level of intelligence. To alert operators of objects nearby, as a means to avoid potential collisions, especially in unknown terrain with physical/geographical obstacles and limited vision due to blowing sand and perpetual darkness.   

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